Our customer care offers a wide range of services as:
Full technical assistance
Our technicians offer full technical support for any mechanical, electronic or informatics equipment. The assistance is available by phone or by Internet.
As manufactures since 1939, we have the know-how to repair any JBA equipment whenever made.
Spare parts
Even for tailor-made equipments, we offer a wide spare parts range for all the products.
Our experience on this field began at the end of the 70’s to check the measure systems of our equipments. As manufactures we can carry out the checking and adjustment of your measure system. The main fields where we develop our services are Force, Weight, Dimensional, and Temperature using standard equipment with Enac transability.
Maintenance programs
To keep your equipment in optimal conditions we can offer the yearly mechanic maintenance in order to avoid possible damage. Support licenses are available for an immediately assistance in case of incidence.

Software updating
Due to the direct relationship with over customers and their needs we can offer updates for the continuous software improvement.