Tradition and Experience

With over 70 years our company specializes on the manufacture of checking devices for physical tests and the quality control of materials.
It was founded in 1939 by Jaume Bot i Arenas for the textile industry, and in the 90’s the first devices for stationary industry were manufactured. In the 60’s the company expanded also on leather, elastomeres, plastics, shoes, electric cable and metal industry following the needs of the industrial quality control.
Due to our direct contact with the problems of the industry in 70’s and 80’s we started several specific devices according to concrete needs. For example the development of the new range for the reaction fire test as to fulfill the new security standards in public buildings.
Increase of the computer technology in 90’s brought the digital data acquisition, which still now developing.

Our Equipments

A relevant product is the universal testing machine to determine the tractions, compression and flexion strength and is used for all the materials. JBA has developed according to the technology and it’s third generation covers from a small machine to determine adhesion and friction to testing benches for ropes, slings, etc. As well as a wide range of equipments for standard tests like abrasion, impact, porosity, hardness, thickness, flexion, etc.

Tailor-made Solutions

The complex current market obliges the companies to know all technical features of their products to make fast and safe decisions.
Our well-known mechanic, as well as our informatics design allows us to develop according to their needs and new products, new applications and new international standards.

Customer Care

Our direct relationship between manufacturer-user and our after sale-service (maintenance, calibration, updating, …) has been proven by our long experience which is an important factor for the good running our quality control.